Lifestyle Brand Launches Gaudess Rising Campaign Bringing Light to Human Trafficking and Supporting Operation Underground Railroad



Gaudess’ CEO Amy Walko and founder Michele Goodbread today announced the Gaudess Rising Campaign with a kick-off event at the Urban Stillhouse on April 10th, 2022. This celebration will bring women together in person and on Instagram Live to raise awareness, positive energy and alignment of the Gaudess Collective Community in support of a critical mission.
Proceeds from the kick-off event will benefit the non-profit organization Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) that coordinates human trafficking rescue missions, training, aftercare and advocacy for every victim and family.

Gaudess is a lifestyle brand offering an energetic home and sisterhood for women who proudly wear Gaudess pieces as they impact their world and lift one another up. As trailblazers in a reimagined style of women-led corporate social responsibility, the Gaudess Rising Campaign is designed to amplify positive energy, healing and hope well beyond what anyone person is capable of. “We are excited to launch this awareness campaign in support of an amazing organization. There is such power in education and casting light on the darkest places. We want to spread beauty, kindness and love through our brand. It is not enough to offer beautiful products; it is our responsibility to do more,” says Amy Walko, CEO and Creative Director at Gaudess. “Please join us on our quest.”

Tim Ballard, the founder of O.U.R. was featured in a documentary called “Operation Toussaint” directed by Emmy Award-Winning Director Nick Nanton and runs an international non-profit organization to end human trafficking. He started the organization with the unconditional love and support of a powerful woman, his wife Katherine Ballard.

“Katherine just told me, ‘You have no choice. You’ve been called to do this. You know it’s the right thing to do.’ And there’s a sense of comfort there because all it would take in that moment is for her to say, ‘You’re right. I’m scared.’ And I would not have done it,” Tim Ballard states on their website.

The Gaudess Rising Campaign will continue to roll out events, social media promotions, and collaborations nationally. “This is a time of unprecedented opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, and we are up for the challenge,” Amy Walko added.

About Gaudess: Gaudess is a luxury lifestyle brand led by and for empowered women. Each Gaudess piece is crafted by a spiritual team of high-level energy workers and features Carnelian signature gemstones for a potent positive energy infusion. The brand is also home to the Gaudess Collective, a unique sisterhood of women who notice, recognize and encourage one another as they make meaningful change and fearlessly go after their dreams. Gaudess Events are high energy, in-person opportunities to join the global sisterhood, impact the world around us, and come together for learning, laughter, and luxury. For more information visit