Longines new campaign


Introducing the 2024 Longines Campaign: A Life in a Day

A Life in a Day
Longines is set to launch an exciting new campaign for 2024, “A Life in a Day,” featuring its Ambassadors of Elegance Zhao Liying, Suzy, and Barbara Palvin. Filmed in Shanghai, Seoul, and Budapest, this campaign highlights the daily lives of these distinguished women, all while showcasing the CONQUEST three-hand model in 34 mm. Each ambassador exemplifies the collection’s timeless spirit, merging elegance with modernity and resilience.

Zhao Liying
Zhao Liying, a prominent Chinese actress, has been a significant figure in the entertainment industry since her discovery in 2006. With numerous awards and a series of acclaimed roles in popular television series and films, Zhao has also established herself as a fashion icon, frequently appearing on magazine covers. Her blend of talent and style perfectly embodies the versatile spirit of the CONQUEST collection.

South Korean actress and singer Suzy has been a major cultural icon since her debut in 2010. With numerous awards in both acting and music, Suzy’s influence extends far beyond the entertainment industry. Her philanthropic efforts, including support for flood victims and low-income families, highlight her commitment to making a positive impact. Suzy’s elegant and compassionate persona aligns seamlessly with the CONQUEST line’s ethos.

Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin, a model and actress from Budapest, Hungary, has been a prominent figure in the fashion world since 2010. She has modelled for top designers and appeared on prestigious magazine covers, earning multiple awards in her profession. Recently, Barbara has also ventured into acting and is known for her charitable work improving access to clean drinking water globally. Her combination of beauty, talent, and philanthropy makes her a fitting ambassador for the CONQUEST collection.

Embrace Everyday Elegance
Longines’ “A Life in a Day” campaign invites you to experience the CONQUEST collection through the eyes of Zhao Liying, Suzy, and Barbara Palvin. These watches are designed for the modern, dynamic professional who values both sophistication and functionality. Whether in the boardroom or at an evening event, the CONQUEST collection offers the perfect blend of style and practicality.