Look of the Week: Mirage Jewellery Stack Rings

Look of the Week: Mirage Jewellery Stack Rings

These gold stackable women’s rings from Mirage Fine Jewellery are stunning on their own, but make a huge statement when worn together.

Each ring is set with diamonds and come in gold, white gold or rose gold all set in an intricate and timeless design.

About Mirage: Mirage Jewellery is the only company in Canada to invisibly handset, cut, groove, and finish each stone on-site. Mirage was founded in the mid-1990s by a group of jewellers with years of experience dedicated to various specializations in the field. Mirage is committed to providing superior service and high-quality luxury products.

All Mirage pieces carry a conditional lifetime guarantee – and customer orders, repairs, and modifications are completed within a few business days. Every detail of your piece is carefully hand-finished to perfection. Our jewellers work closely with you to craft the perfect piece that will last you a lifetime.