MasterCard’s mission to win over retailers


Recently, MasterCard has pushed to reshape itself as more than just a payment processor; with a variety of new mobile purchasing apps, the company has been working on a wide range of consumer-facing cellular solutions.

At a July press demo, the company’s innovation labs team was excited to show off ShopThis, a digital one-click ordering solution for mobile. This app allows readers to buy items featured in iPad magazine ads using MasterPass, the company’s digital wallet service.

Brian Lang, president of MasterCard Canada, said that the brand’s strategy to drive adoption of the new money-managing service is to win over retailers and make them advocates for their services. To that end, it’s focused on addressing pain points for merchants — like poor conversion rates on mobile product ads. The company also hopes that retailers will promote these tools to their customers as solutions to their own issues, as well.

“The way this stuff scales is if the merchant or the supplier feels it’s solving a problem, they’ll tell [the consumer] you should do this,” Lang said. “Consumers in the end will make decisions as to what’s good and what’s not.” CJ