Could online sales beat in-store counterparts this holiday season?


According to the numbers, you may want to focus on e-commerce this holiday season. This Black Friday weekend, analysts at RetailNext found that sales and foot traffic at physical stores in the U.S. fell, with more retailers going online.

“The weekend results underline the importance of brands effectively converging digital and physical channels to deliver a single, seamless shopping experience to consumers, particularly during the high-volume holiday season,” says Shelley Kohan, vice-president of retail consulting at RetailNext. “Bricks-and-mortar sales and traffic numbers tell only part of the retail story, as many brands saw tremendous lift in their online channels that will positively impact overall performance.”

The company has also predicted that sales in the November to December holiday period will rise 3.2 per cent.


With these results in mind, it is imperative that independent jewellers consider their e-commerce options. By strengthening your interactions with clients on the web and promoting online shopping options, you will ensure that business stays strong throughout the holiday season—and into the New Year.

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