Pinks rise 1.3% to lead fancy colour diamond price gains in Q1 2022



Prices of Fancy Colour Diamonds continued 2021’s positive trend and rose by 1.0% across the board. The general increase was led by Pinks at 1.3%, with Yellows following at 0.7% and Blues showing nearly no change.

The Fancy category and Fancy Intense in all colours, showed an increase of 1.3% and 1.2% respectively, outperforming the Fancy Vivid segment at an increase of 0.6%.

Pink: Pink diamonds’ general price increase of 1.3% was mainly driven by the Fancy category, which increased by 1.7% in the 1 and 2 ct. weight categories, with 2 ct. Fancy Intense rising 3.5%, 2 ct. Fancy Vivid increasing 3.2% and 1 ct. Fancy Intense climbing 2.9%. Larger weight categories also exhibited significant price increases, with Fancy Vivid 10 carat and Fancy Intense 3 carat leading this colour category, both rising 2.2%.

The only two pink categories whose prices decreased this quarter were the Fancy Vivid 3 carat and the Fancy 8 carat, each with a 0.3% decrease.

Blue: Fancy Blues showed overall stability in Q1 (rising 0.1%) in all weight categories. Fancy Intense diamonds rose 0.5%, outperforming Fancy Vivid and Fancy grade saturations. The only two categories that fluctuated more than one percent were: Fancy Intense 2 carats, which climbed by 1.3%, and Fancy 3 carats, which fell by 1.3%.

Yellow: The Yellow category rose by 0.7% in Q1, mostly due to appreciation in the Fancy Intense grade (1.1%). Across the board, diamonds above 5 carats rose more than diamonds below this weight (1%+ compared to less than 1%, respectively). Fancy Intense 8 carat stood out with an increase of 2.5%. The weakest performance in Q1 was noted in Fancy Vivid 1.5 carat, which declined in price by 0.5%.

“The results of the index reflect pre-boycott prices on Russian diamonds. Since this boycott, the supply of yellow diamonds has dropped dramatically. The price increases also took place while China has been under a harsh lockdown. Once their Covid policy will dissolve and Chinese diamond lovers will return to the market, we will witness a burst in demand for luxury goods and fancy colour diamonds, in particular, followed by an additional significant price increase. “

The Fancy Color Diamond Index is published by the non-profit Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), tracking pricing data for Yellow, Pink, and Blue Fancy Color Diamonds in the major global trading centers – Hong Kong, New York, Geneva, and Tel Aviv.