Publisher’s Choice: Tanzanite and Diamond Ring by Bostonian Jewelers


Bostonian Jewelers isn’t just another pretty jewellery store in Boston with pretty things.

It is where stories are created and retold, where strangers become friends, and often, family.

The company specializes in restorations of antique and period jewellery, custom designs, and creating exceptional fine jewellery with noble metals, using the highest quality diamonds and gemstones from around the world.

This ring featured is truly spectacular and special. It features Oval Tanzanite 4.50 ct, Square tsavorites .40 ct, Diamonds 2.60 ct and Platinum.

“The oval tanzanite was acquired by Bostonian on a gem buying trip in the early 1990s,” says jewellery designer Alexandria Matossian. “At the time it was set into a simple Princess Diana style setting for the times. When I joined Bostonian in the early 2000s,  I vowed to redesign the setting. I pulled the ring from the rotation and it sat on my desk for over five years. I wanted the new home for this magnificent Tanzanite to be dramatic and classic enough to stay current for many years to come. Inspired by vintage rings from the Art Deco period, I wanted a low, clean modern look. Working on and off for about two years, this ring was complete and I literally welled up as it was everything I envisioned it to be.”

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About Bostonian Jewelers

Bostonian designs, creates fine bridal and celebration jewellery. Located in the heart of historic Boston.

Bostonian’s creative designs and precise restorations which are all done on-site have driven change and set newer and higher standards for the jewellery industry.

Our work is our calling card. We’ve gathered a team of artisans who are experts in their respective fields. After our jewellery designers initiate a concept and execute the model within a 3-D world, our goldsmiths melt, forge, cut, bend, solder and weld noble metals into exquisite foundational pieces. Meanwhile, our gem experts procure the gemstones with the best fit, size, colour saturation and shape for that particular design. Next, our gemstone setters, who have mastered many setting techniques, expertly place the selected gemstones into the creation, followed by the buffing skills of our finishers, who are the last to inspect each and every Bostonian Jewelers work of art. Additionally, we pride ourselves in jewellery repair and restoration, bringing heirloom pieces back to their original glory. Quality control is never sacrificed.