Reitmans wants you to be really you


Reitmans, the destination for Canadian women looking to update their wardrobe with lively must-haves, has announced the launch of their ‘Really You. Reitmans fall 2018 campaign, in partnership with Montreal creative agency Tux. Featuring real-life influencers and personalities, Reitmans showcases values that have long been present in its brand DNA: inclusivity, diversity and authenticity.

The goal of the campaign is to celebrate real, authentic and deeply relatable moments that speak to the Reitmans customer’s life. The brand is sending the message that each and every woman is inspiring, just as she is. Through this campaign, Reitmans is further distancing themselves from exclusivity, hierarchy and unattainable beauty standards. It reinforces the message that as a fashion brand, Reitmans fits into the client’s style and life, and not the other way around.

“‘Really You. Reitmansis an evolution of the work we have been doing over the past few years. Through extensive consumer research, we’ve learned that staying true to herself is a way for our customer to exude confidence,” said Valérie Vedrines, marketing VP for Reitmans.

“She doesn’t dress to impress, but rather to express her individuality. With this understanding in mind, we’ve created a brand platform which aims to deliver a believable message that meets our customers’ needs, and lives up to its promises. It is an ode to women that inspires them to dress like themselves and reminds them that wearing confidence will always be on-trend. Let her be. She is beautiful as she is.”

At the heart of the campaign are images treated in a diptych format; on one side, a full body shot and on the other, a close-up of the product. Combined together, it provides a lifestyle effect that remains accessible, authentic, and relatable. To bring this vision to life, Reitmans worked with the talented photographer Mathieu Fortin, and Carlos and Alyse for additional b-roll photography. Simultaneously, four video stories infused with an elevated focus of products were filmed by the notable videographer Kevin Calero, all supported by stylist Jay Forest, with hair and makeup by Andrew Ly.

The campaign not only gives a glimpse into the beauty discovered in everyday moments as well as the strength found in togetherness, but also portrays diverse representations of body types, lifestyle, ethnicities and ages. Among the model talents are personal trainer Grece Ghanemwho has become known in the social media realm, opera singer Arlène Honey, lawyer and social-justice advocate Dania Suleman, and photographer Gaëlle Leroyer.

“Our objective was to elevate Reitmans‘ aesthetic but most of all, stay true to their brand vision and values,” said Dominic Tremblay, grand chief of Vision Tux Creative Co. “To capture authenticity and spark real moments, we created a recognizable narrative and follow a group of women into their journey, from grabbing a coffee, to waiting for the bus, to coming back home. To make it real, it was essential for us to go with non-traditional models and keep a simple attitude with natural make-up, hair styling, and outfit selections which reflect the brand priorities by embracing the model’s silhouette and expressing her identity.”

The launch is supported by an integrated and tactical 360 degree marketing campaign across a variety of channels, from in-store signage, owned and paid media, social media extensions, to organic content rallying the #ReitmansReallyYou community, and influencer collaborations. It will also be accompanied by a revamp of the website’s e-commerce photos, and personalized email newsletters.

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