Simons Announces 17th Location, in Halifax




The company will open a new location in Nova Scotia’s capital city. Located in the Halifax Shopping Centre, the largest shopping centre in the Maritimes, the 17th Simons store will open in the spring of 2024.
The Halifax location will join ten stores in Quebec, three in Alberta, two in Ontario, and one in British Columbia, giving the company brand presence in all major markets in Canada from East to West.

Simons has chosen to expand to Halifax in a location that is close to the downtown core and easily accessible by public transit.

“We have been interested in the Maritimes for some time, and we’ve selected Halifax, a city that is experiencing a real renaissance along with a significant migration of Canadians and newcomers who want to live in a dynamic city while enjoying the benefits of living near the ocean,” said Bernard Leblanc, president and CEO of Simons. “As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Halifax is a vibrant place with a customer who is interested in travel, style, and a healthy lifestyle. We are excited to be entering the market and confident that our store will attract customers from throughout the Maritimes and beyond,” he continued.

The return of consumers to stores
The announcement of the new Halifax store comes just weeks after the opening of a 5th Simons store in the Greater Montreal area. “We see evidence of the physical stores’ recovery every day. Our in-store sales represent two-thirds of purchases, proving that customers are back and appreciate our brick-and-mortar shopping experience now more than ever,” added Mr. Leblanc.

Mr. Leblanc will look forward to meeting the media and community partners at an event in Halifax on June 16 during which he will unveil more details about plans for the new location.

Simons’ 16 stores are compelling, original environments that inspire customers with their fashion as well as their art and architecture. Locations: ten in Quebec, including the company’s head office in Quebec City; three in Alberta; one in British Columbia; and two in Ontario.
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A consumer in hybrid mode
At a time when businesses are focusing on the web, La Maison Simons is reaffirming its confidence in its strong, strategically located store network, which meets a strong demand from consumers for an exceptional shopping experience, especially after the pandemic.

“Consumers are now in hybrid mode and are seeking an omnichannel offering that is accessible both in-store and online,” said Bernard Leblanc, President and CEO of La Maison Simons. A native of the West Island, Leblanc is opening his first store since being appointed to lead the company by Peter Simons in March 2022. “While online shopping has grown tremendously in recent years, the resurgence of in-store sales is a clear indication that consumers want to enjoy a hybrid shopping experience and the in-store experience remains essential. That is why we are confident we made the right choice in opening this new location,” he continued.

A well-thought-out offer both in-store and on the website, and sustainable initiatives
La Maison Simons offers a distinctive range of exclusive collections and a carefully chosen selection of national and international brands. For over 20 years, the company has been innovating to fulfil its social responsibilities and reduce its environmental footprint. Its Vision program, created two years ago, enables it to take an eco-responsible approach to positioning itself as an agent of change. By 2022, 70% of the garments in its exclusive collections will meet at least one of its Vision sustainability standards. The company aims to raise this proportion to 80% by 2023 and 100% by 2025.

Technology at the service of customer experience
Technological development now permits consumers to take advantage of physical and relational space. The digital services available to them at all times facilitate their shopping experience and their understanding of the extensive and distinctive offer to which they have access.

La Maison Simons plans the development of its technologies according to the evolving needs of its customers. The digital experience is dynamic across all platforms, multiplying touch points and facilitating the customer’s relationship with the brand.

In this regard, the Simons app was named the best mobile app experience in Canada, according to Leger’s WOW 2021 study. Its personalized environment, featuring targeted content, greatly enriches the customer experience.

Art as an addition to the customer journey
Since its very beginnings, La Maison Simons has given art a prominent place in its retail network. Since 1840, this commitment has been cultivated and nurtured by encounters and discoveries made during travels. The 16th Simons location is no exception. Indeed, several works of art punctuate the customer journey, including a monumental work by Vancouver artist Brendan Tang. Pareidolia, a set of clouds suspended above the staircase in the north lobby, draws attention and contributes to the volumetry of the space. Pareidolia joins several works that decorate the walls and ceilings of the Simons stores, including Walter Crane’s La Coupole de Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, Guido Molinari’s luminous kaleidoscope, Solstice, and ceramist Pascale Girardin’s Au Pied des Grumes, to name but a few.

About Simons
Simons was founded in 1840 by John Simons in Quebec City. Originally a dry goods store, the family company is known today for accessible and inspired fashion. It is committed to cultivating creativity and building meaningful relationships with its staff, partners, and clientele. The company cares about the environment and about the communities in which it does business.