Stuller launches new features on website,


In response to customer requests, Stuller has added a number of new features to its website, While the manufacturer continuously makes updates to product imagery and details on the site, several major new features have now been added.

The added features include changes to the Stuller Showcase, which involved removing any mention of Stuller in this mode. This gives jewellers more control over their own branding and experience on the site. Changes were also made to the way pendants are displayed on the webpage, allowing users to now look at a selection of matching chains directly from the product page. Moreover, users will now be able to search for mountings by the size and shape of the stones they require them for, as well as customize and create flexible 3C designs for semi-mounts.

“Advancements in technology are helping shape the current state of the industry,” says Kevin Metz, chief marketing officer, of these adjustments. “We serve over 40,000 jewelry professionals worldwide, so it’s important that we continue to make doing business with Stuller as easy as possible and that includes our website experience.” CJ