Swarovski unveils new store in Vegas


Swarovski has unveiled its latest store on the Las Vegas strip with a new light show called the Swarovski Midnight Celebration, created especially for Swarovski’s custom pavilion and six-story-tall Starburst.

As the centerpiece of the new Grand Bazaar Shops, the Swarovski Midnight Celebration is a glittering three-minute-long light-and-sound show designed to mark the dawn of a new day.

The main attraction of the show is the Starburst — a one-of-a-kind, 14-foot-diameter structure composed of 911 custom-cut crystal spheres designed by Swarovski and fabricated by the Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO). YESCO is known for having created some of Las Vegas’ most iconic neon signs.

The new Swarovski boutique is a 400-square-foot free-standing pavilion with an exterior composed of large, angular facets designed to make the structure resemble a cut crystal. The interior boasts hand-selected finishes and crystal-enhanced glass spheres hanging from the ceiling. CJ