Swatch launches new “POP” line


Swatch has launched a new line of “POP” watches and accessories. With their pop-out heads, these timepieces are able to attach to a series of necklaces, wristbands, or pocket chains—the possibilities are endless.

The basis of the new Swatch POP Collection is comprised of nine watches in designs guaranteed to let the imagination run wild. These include three stunning black and white pieces (POPdancing, POPmoving and POPlooking), a trio of colored creations (POPalicious, POPiness and POPpingpop) and three neon designs (POPover, POPtastic and POPthusiasm).

Every watch comes with a special clip, making it able to attach to wherever the wearer’s imagination takes it. The POP accessories range also includes colored neck chains, a metal pocket chain, a table-clock stand and matching wall watches.

The Pop Collection is available now at Swatch stores across Canada for $100.