Swiss watch exports soar 4%


According to the Federation of Swiss Watches, Swiss watch exports rose 3.7 per cent year on year to reach $1.62B in January. Exports by volume rose 4 per cent to 2.186 million units. The federation also revealed that the information reflected a positive start to the year for watch exports, following the declines of the two previous months.

The federation says that Swiss watch exports to Hong Kong rose 5.4 per cent to reach $311.8 million, exports to China rose 4 per cent to reach $117.2, and exports to the U.S. increased 1.8 per cent to reach $184.7 million.

Much of the increase can be credited to an 8.2 per cent rise in the export of steel watches and a 6.8 per cent increase in bimetallic watch exports. CJ

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