Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair opens up new business opportunities for industry players



Known to be one of the most glamorous events within the region, Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair is entering its sixth year with new elements to enhance the overall experience for visitors and exhibitors on November 2nd – 5th, 2018 Taipei World Trade Centre.

The show is organised by UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch and co-organised by Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association and Taipei Jewelers’ Association. In 2017, the fair accumulated more than 9,000 visits, with a breaking sales record of US$20 million. Over the past few years, the organiser has focused on promoting design and craftsmanship as the industry spindle to create an international platform for up-rising designers and talented goldsmiths. This has successfully opened up business opportunities for jewellers, where they can meet increasing demand in customising clients’ own unique jewellery.

The success of the Designer Gallery Attracts International Talents

Jewellery is an eternal fine art. It is not solely a personal collection that represents one’s taste but also carries investment value, which at times people pass down from generation to generation. Thanks to the success from the previous year, this year we are expanding the contemporary designer zone. Designers from China, Japan and Taiwan are invited to showcase their extravagant jewellery with a unique design. With this diversity, we aim to provide a vibrant cultural exchange between the local and overseas designers.

5th Edition of Goldsmith Award receives recognition from Taipei City Government for its Promotion Effectiveness

“The Goldsmith Contest” organised by Taipei Jewellery Workshop Union has always been one of the popular events at Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair. To promote the art behind jewellery making, the organiser invites professional goldsmiths to share how jewellery is created from scratch, showing different techniques and processes. Apart from providing a better understanding to the visitors, this has also stimulated their interest in customising/renovating jewellery. Each year the director of Labour Bureau joins us at the Gold Smith Contest Award ceremony as a recognition to the promotion of jewellery making. This year the organiser will not only continue with this tradition of holding Goldsmith Contest but also organise seminars related to jewellery customisation following the latest consumer trend.

Introduction of Art Collection Shows New Business Opportunity

Mr. Shen, Zi Kai, chairman of the Antique Watch Association, showcased his extremely valuable collection which contains antique watches from 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Mr. Shen also gave seminar ‘Concerto of three-centuries antique watches’ during the fair that further explains the story behind each piece of his collection as well as the watch-making technique and process, showing his true passion as an antique watch collector. The success of this special theme shows art collectors and jewellery buyers can be correlated. Given this potential, the organiser has created the antique watch and jewellery section and collaborate with art gallery as a ‘crossover’. This is destined to bring more potential clients to exhibitors.

For more information, please visit our official website: www.taiwanjewelleryfair.com