Toronto Raptors and KILANI JEWELLERY Announce Multi-Year Partnership


Kilani Jewellery is proud to announce a three-year partnership with the Toronto Raptors and become the Official Luxury Jeweller.

“This is a very proud day for the Kilani organization, our team and the amazing customers who have supported us over the years,” said Mr. Kilani, President and CEO of Kilani Jewellery.

Groundbreaking and unique, Kilani Jewellery’s custom pendants and chains have become the pinnacle of handcrafted luxury jewellery style and design. From an award-winning artist to a world champion athlete, including some of the Raptors, owning a piece of Kilani is known around the world for its uniqueness and quality.

“The Kilani Jewellery family was originally a season-long member of the Toronto Raptors, and we have expanded our relationship and now welcome them to our family as Official Partners,” said Jordan Wade, MLSE Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships. “We are delighted to start a new chapter with Kilani Jewellery and to bring our fans exciting offers for the 2022-23 season.”

The Kilani Jewellery complex is located in Forest Hill, Toronto. Kilani Jewellery offers a wide variety of products including engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and watches.
About Kilani Jewellery
Over the past 19 years, Kilani Jewellery has grown into one of the most recognizable jewellery stores in the city of Toronto. Due to the growing popularity of their client list of athletes, celebrities and musicians, they attract high-profile clients from all over the world.
The Kilani family jewellery business is an inspiring Canadian success story. When they immigrated to Canada in the late ’90s, they brought with them a tradition of jewelry design that spanned generations and spanned hundreds of years. Their enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail has earned them an extremely loyal customer base that is rapidly growing every day.
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The Maple Leafs enjoyed 70 years of success as the city’s premier sports team, but as basketball, as a sport grew in popularity around the world, Toronto sought its own NBA team. In 1994, Toronto acquired its own NBA franchise and the Toronto Raptors were born.