Trend Watch: Ringing in the new season

Trend watch

With the New Year almost upon us, now’s the perfect time to reevaluate your inventory. Here are our thoughts on what should stay and what should go:


What’s in:


  • With the layering trend in full-force this upcoming season, be sure to pick pieces that make for perfect pairing. Extra points for simple pavé rings and bracelets—these are sure to be a hit with your trend-conscious clients.
  • Stud earrings. Stylists everywhere have been adorning their clients’ earlobes with simple and ornate studs alike. Add some classics to your inventory, like diamonds and elegant pearls, as well as innovative, eye-catching new designs.
  • Rose gold. While rose gold has been hot for many, many seasons now, this trend shows no signs of dying out: women everywhere are still fawning over the sweet, feminine precious metal.


What’s out:


  • Despite 2016’s obsession with the revival of 90s-style choker pieces, 2017 promises to bring a return of more simplistic, elegant shapes.
  • Large, flashy necklaces. Although statement necklaces have been extremely popular for the past few years, fashionistas are now keeping it simple. To please this discerning group of clients, offer solitaire pendants and other more delicate neckwear.
  • Basic bracelets. This upcoming season, it’s all about visually interesting, architecturally inspired bangles and stackable pavé pieces.


With this in mind, always keep your inventory tailored to your clients’ needs. Play to the trends and your target demographics, and you—and your customers—will come out on top.