Trends for 2020: Christine Dwane

Trends in Montreal Custom-Made Jewellery

photo by: Anthony McLean


The silent revolution of the 60’s in Quebec marked a change in people’s relationship to the church. A high percentage of baby boomers and their children began leading non-traditional marriages and have been ever since. However, while couples are creating their own rituals to celebrate their relationships, commitment rings remain an important part of these special occasions. Without a doubt, designing personalized one of a kind commitment rings fits the bill perfectly!

A new interest for alternative materials opens the door for new trends and design possibilities of unique rings.

Take, for example, a men’s titanium commitment ring with carbon fibre and handmade 18k white gold bolts. Men love the implied association with its habitual use in the high tech aerospace equipment. It is a modern, somewhat edgy look; clean, strong yet sophisticated.

Below are a pair of titanium bands with the personalized inlays perfectly highlighted in a custom 20k green gold.  The black stone used for the inlays was of a special significance when the couple found it on a beach when on a particularly meaningful trip together.

In this coil ring made of forged titanium and sterling silver is set an oval colourless sapphire, an interesting alternative to a diamond. Sapphire is considered to be the most durable gem on the market so it would make the statement “a sapphire is forever” more true than it is for diamond.

New and innovative designs are always appreciated. This puzzle ring is fun concept and not often seen in the traditional market. It adds a whimsical playfulness as well as a very symbolic aspect of the two parts coming together as one. The swirls are geometrically proportioned based on a Buddhist dream flag. Nothing could feel more like a piece that is truly one in a billion, custom fit to the clients’ own values and life experience.

With increasing resourcefulness in our society, the public is becoming well versed with reusing, recycling and now… up-cycling. We are making custom pieces from mom and grandma’s gifted jewellery. It is a celebration of finding your own voice and expression in your jewellery while keeping the sentimentality of the metal used from a family heirloom.

These stacked rings are set with stones from rings passed down along the matrilineal line. A gift a client made to herself marking a rite of passage, reaching a period of success in her life.

Originally a tension setting, this engagement ring reuses the titanium and pink gold band but adds a cluster of diamonds securely set in matching pink gold prongs. Although the couple never married, this upgrade was marking the renewal of their 10-year commitment to each other.

These are interesting times; new materials, unique designs, suited for new self-made rites of passage.  People are finding their own voice and singing to the beat of their own drum. So many new possibilities open as a particular kind of individualism is setting in our western society.

Fashion is not the same as it once was, there is not one style that people are following and wearing.

Anything goes so why should it not be so for jewellery as well!

Christine is a Quebec based designer who has established her modus operandi on a quest for excellence and the importance of innovation. With this foundation in mind, working from her studio, she builds close collaborations with her customers in order to create personalized and memorable pieces.

Graduating head of her class at Ecole de Joaillerie et des Métaux D’Art de Montreal lead to an apprenticeship under the master Swiss-German jeweller, Robert Ackermann, a career changing experience.

Keen to share and advance her art and knowledge in the sciences of metallurgy and gemmology, Christine teaches at École de Joaillerie de Montréal. As Christine’s company continues to evolve, her designs are making their homes in galleries and boutiques in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and beyond.