The industry is praising Presidium’s quality testing devices

Presidium, a manufacturer of diamond and gemstone testing devices, has returned from the recent JCK show in Las Vegas, USA, reporting wide interest in its industry-leading products from both new and existing customers.


The SDS II by Presidium has been ASSURE tested and delivered 100% accuracy on the synthetic diamond referral rate. This new commendation drove a lot of interest from the industry to find out more about the device, which is currently the only ASSURE tester that retails for less than US$1,000.

Existing Presidium customers at the JCK show also praised the company for its efforts to continue to produce high-quality testing devices to meet their changing requirements. The increased awareness of lab-grown diamonds and the need to identify them is a particularly current need that can be met by using the SDS II.

Joanne Yeo, Managing Director of Presidium, said: “Presidium has yet again achieved stellar success at the recent JCK show in Las Vegas. The exposure generated new interest in our ASSURE tested SDS II and its usage. We were expecting a higher buying interest of Presidium’s products at this year’s show due to the improved awareness of lab-grown diamonds and our achievement from ASSURE program. As Presidium moves forward, we continue to build and strengthen our efforts in providing quality products and excellent service to our customers. My greatest thanks and appreciation go out to all our supporters and the teams involved for their endless hard work in making this show a success.”

The SDS II uses advanced technology that measures a diamond’s UV light transmittance ability. It is a portable desktop diamond verification instrument suitable for both loose and mounted stones, including melees as small as 0.02ct. Simple and easy to use, its indicator light bars give a blue light to indicate that the stone is a natural diamond and a red light to indicate a Type IIa diamond. The device gives clear and accurate results within two seconds.

Established in 1979, Presidium was the first company in the world to launch numerous gemological instruments and is committed to researching and developing state-of-the-art instruments for the benefit of the industry. Its market-leading products include innovative diamond testers, coloured gemstone testers, gemstone gauges and portable carat scales.