Awards of Excellence 2019


It is no longer possible to ignore the significance of social media on the jewellery industry. Now, the first round of the Excellence Awards will require you to post images with detailed descriptions of three products of your choice that you feel best to represent your brand. You must post the images on your Facebook or/and Instagram page, tag in the post-Canadian Jeweller, and use #awardsofexcellence and #canadianjewellers as well as the hashtag that represents your category the best.

The posts with the most likes and engagements will be nominated and entered for the second round of the competition, where Canadian Jeweller experts will professionally judge the nominated profiles and choose a winner.

Why should you participate in the competition?

In addition, to the exposure you will get from having your products featured in the magazine and on our website, you will also have the opportunity to offer your AOE piece for auction at The Great Jewellery Heist. A prestigious event held in support of Bridgepoint Health. Which will further enhance your brand awareness and raise money for a great cause. A tax receipt will be provided for donated pieces that are accompanied by a third-party appraisal for fair market value, as per CRA guidelines.

*Please Note* You will have to state the category that your line belongs to in the details of your submission/ post. A list of the categories is provided below:

• Retail Brand of the Year – #cjretailbrand

• Best Canadian Diamond Design – #cjdiamonddesign

• Industry Innovation of the Year – #cjinnovation

• Jewellery Manufacturer of the Year – #cjmanufacturer

• Best Coloured Gemstone Design – #cjgemstonedesign

• Best Platinum Design – #cjplatinumdesign

• Outstanding Canadian Enterprise of the Year – #cjcanenterprise

• Outstanding International Enterprise of the Year – #cjintenterprise

• Retailer of the Year – #cjretailer

• Supplier of the Year – #cjsupplier


Admission Requirements for the second round:

• The completed nomination form available on

• A $100 entry fee per nomination

• Photographs of the product/product line being nominated

• Samples of advertising campaigns, brochures, etc. marketing the product line

• Testimonials from at least two Canadian retailers


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