JA New York: Summer Edition


Set in beautiful New York City, the JA New York summer edition show was held at the regal Javits Convention Center where exhibitors saw a variety of designs from wold renowned jewellery brands like Gabriel & CO., EFFY, Overnight Mountings, Rina Limor, Endless Jewelry, Kabana, and more. This year’s summer show was rejuvenated with a new aesthetic and energy that assured both exhibitors and buyers would be leaving with an experience they would never forget. The large variety of the show was ensured through featuring a mixture of long-time exhibitors and designers, as well as those who were exhibiting at a JA New York show for the first time.

On Sunday, the Educational Conference kicked off, with American Gem Trade Association CEP Doug Hucker leading a discussion about topics such as the issues within the coloured gemstone marketplace. The seminars continued to take place until Monday afternoon, including presentations from the Diamond Development Initiative and the Diamond Empowerment Fund.

A feature for the summer JA show was the New Designer Gallery, where 10 jewellery makers that are new to exhibiting at a fine jewellery trade show were featured on the pavilion, competing for the Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award. Another prize-winning event was the buyer giveaway for retailers and wholesalers, where four buyers won $2,000 for any exhibitor featured. CJ