JADA x Dana Launches High End Cannabis Inspired Jewellery

JADA, a cannabis infused skincare brand and Dana The Jeweller have partnered to create JADA x Dana, a timeless and authentic collection of pieces that represent cannabis history.



JADA’s cannabis inspired jewellery store officially launched online on today Jan. 21, 2020 and is expected to be on shelves in retailers across Canada this Spring.

“As leaders in the cannabis space, Canadians can now proudly share their passion for the plant.” Says Melissa Rolston, the 27 year old Founder & CEO of JADA. For many, the stigma around cannabis is still very much present and the fight isn’t over yet. Advocates have put their heart and soul into fighting for and breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis, from lobbying for medical cannabis to the realization of federal legalization in 2017. Rolston has spent the past decade working in various sectors of the Canadian cannabis industry, originally planting her roots by helping patients access medical cannabis which is why she truly understands the impacts of breaking the stigma around cannabis and advocating for patients.

“At JADA, it is essential for us to always recognize those who have paved the way in the cannabis industry. This is why we have mandated ten percent of our quarterly profits to our campaign partner BTS Stories Inc., a not-for-profit I’ve founded that aims to abolish stigmas that keep society at a standstill from evolving” adds Mel Rolston.

JADA x Dana is designed to break that stigma with beautifully designed everyday pieces that make a bold statement. Each piece is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada with the highest quality metals and semi precious gemstones.