Jewellery retailer brings Google Glass to trade show


Diamond Concierge Service, a second-generation jewellery retailer, has adapted Google Glass to stream live video at the JA New York jewellery show that runs from July 27 to 29. The Google Glass device helps to sell jewellery straight from the vendor booths by connecting the customer with the product they want.

Once a customer locates their ideal product, Google Glass will broadcast live video of the product from the vendor’s booth right to their smartphone. This assures that the jewellery trade show, once exclusive only to people within the industry, can be accessible to any consumer through Google Glass broadcasting live video. Diamond Concierge Service is hoping to be a pioneer for changing up the traditional jewellery store experience with this new mobile-to-mobile selling technology.

“The retail jewellery industry evolved quickly in the internet age. The jewellery store was a meeting point between a customer, company, and product. The desktop computer allowed the customer to remain at home, while connecting to a company and product,” Diamond Concierge Service founder Ron Khordi told MarketWired. “The mobile device allowed the customer to connect from anywhere.” CJ