What did we learn at JCK Las Vegas?


As usual, JCK Las Vegas blew members of the industry out of the water with its opulent displays, incredible presentations, and networking opportunities. But what did we really learn from this edition of the show?


Here are some of the most talked-about issues at this year’s event:


  1. A new demographic of purchasers


During JCK, Forevermark announced its new advertising campaign and product concept, which will celebrate the female self-purchaser—a growing segment in the jewellery market.


“We are seeing clear trends emerge around the shifting role and expectations of women, of how they see themselves and how they see diamonds as a vehicle, increasingly, of self-expression,” says De Beers CEO Bruce Cleaver.
Cleaver adds that these changes “have implications for how we create meaning for diamonds, and present us with exciting opportunities.”


Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier adds that self-purchase now represents 31 per cent of the women’s diamond jewellery market—a segment that was at from 24 per cent just a few years ago.


The company notes that its fourth quarter marketing plan will feature “emotional, call-to-action” advertising. This will include designs for earrings, rings, and a necklace, with an initial launch planned for October. The campaign will run until Christmas, appearing on national television, in print, and on digital and social media.


  1. Social media and e-tailing


Various panels were held on the topics of social media, e-marketing, and e-commerce. This was especially prevalent at a Retailer Roundtable panel, in which industry experts discussed the needs for proper, well-researched social media marketing.


Tirath Kamdar, the CEO of TrueFacet, noted that Facebook is the most effective form of paid search. As such, aspiring social media stars should consider chanelling any monetary efforts into this platform.


Experts also noted the importance of hiring an outside expert to work on social media, suggesting that their knowledge and experience can help retailers and companies get a leg up on the competition.


  1. Synthetics


With IIDGR and De Beers launching their new synthetics-detecting technology, man-made diamonds were a hot topic at this year’s event. A variety of companies displayed their man-made stones on the show floor, as well, many jewellers were eager to understand if—and how—these stones can make an impression on sales.


Moreover, a variety of JCK Talks focused on the possibility of undisclosed synthetic diamonds being sold to consumers. During this session, the GIA led a hands-on lab, instructing retailers on how to identify HPHT and CVD-grown synthetic diamonds.


4. Upcoming trends


We were fortunate enough to see some incredibly gorgeous pieces at this year’s edition of JCK. See below for a gallery of some of our favourites!


Atlantic Engraving:


With its incredible quality and classic design, Gravure by Atlantic Engraving is the go-to for gorgeous wedding bands.


Persona’s fun homage to the Beatles’ 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper caught our eye on the show floor. Perfect for any super fan, these sweet charms are a surefire success in any showroom.



Stuller brought together the worlds of jewellery and technology at JCK. Their Gemvision software really wowed us, with its incredible design capabilities making it a must-have for any creator.

Maple Leaf Diamonds:

Gorgeous Canadian diamonds and stunning design make Maple Leaf Diamonds a top choice for Canadian jewellers and consumers alike.


One of the most trusted Canadian wholesalers, Sindbad’s wide range of products and exceptional customer service set them apart.

Les Georgettes:

With their interchangeable cuffs and leather bands, Les Georgettes’ bracelets are a must-have accessory for any client.


With modern design and an eye on the trends, Elixa’s pieces are loved by women across the world.