Regina-based Hillberg & Berk introduces new sparkle bar

Hillberg & Berk Jewelry, Commercial Shoot for Spring Summer 2015, Nizuc Resort, Cancun, Mexico.

Hillberg & Berk, a Regina-based luxury jewellery store, has opened its first national store at Edmonton Mall. Rachel Mielke, founder and part owner of the business, has also revealed plans to expand at Kingsway Mall later this year.

Eight years ago, Mielke began the company “at [her] kitchen table,” making jewellery for her friends in her spare time. With their encouragement, she decided to fully focus on her craft.

The company is now known for its bold, timeless and glittery design aesthetics. Mielke aims to produce truly investment-worthy accessories, using only sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, crystals and pearls to create her pieces.

Over the years, Hillberg & Berk—the motto of which is “empowering women, one sparkle at a time”—has grown to much more than just a luxury jewellery brand. The company is also driven by a dedication to philanthropy and female empowerment, and has donated more than half a million dollars to women-centred charities such as Look Good Feel Better, Dress for Success and Suit Yourself.

“At the very core of why Hillberg & Berk exists is to empower women,” says Mielke. “That is something that I was extremely passionate about when I started the company and it is still true today. That is the major driving factor of everything we do.” CJ