The Power of Visual Mastery: Renowned Ryan Buan’s Exclusive Photography Workshop at Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show Toronto


Enhancing Your Brand Through Photography

Jewellery photography, a world where precision meets artistry and lightens up your time at the Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show in Toronto – paying focus to how photography has the power of transformation in today’s digital time. On 18th and 19th of August at 1 pm, be part of a landmark event tailored for jewellers who are aspiring to bring their A-game and impress in the online arena. Guiding this spectacular voyage is none other than Ryan Buan—a giant of media production with over 15 years shaping visual narratives that captivate and touch.

In this workshop, Ryan will reveal the key to capturing that essence and luxury of fine jewellery that ensures every participant leaves with the tools to revolutionize their brand’s visual representation on social media.

Ryan Buan: A Maestro Behind the Lens With a brilliant career for fifteen long years, Ryan Buan knows just well enough to master the delicate dance of light and shadow that creates stories from his lens. Home to a wide range of world-class vision, ivivi media sits on the visionary owner Ryan’s mind and stands duly equipped with a collection of different portfolios that speak volumes of his creativity and technical acumen.

His role as a mentor in this workshop burns with a passion for educating and enriching the jewellery community, clearly bringing out his commitment to fostering the next breed of visual storytellers.

Workshop Overview

Mastering the Art of Jewellery Photography
The master class  is a workshop on the art and science of photography at the Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show, particularly crafted for you to learn. The following is the knowledge to be imparted to participants during the workshop:

Essential of Jewellery Photography – Get deep into the details of what camera settings, lighting techniques, and the art of composition do to make the jewellery sparkle and stand out. Narrative Visualization: Find ways to make the images tell a powerful story and emotionally captivate the viewer while portraying the craftsmanship of each piece.

Expert Post-Production: Detailed post-production techniques bring the inherent beauty of your jewellery to light in such a way that every photo is full of luxury and quality. The Crucial Role of Photography in the Business

In a digital world where details can even tell awesome stories, this is not only a good but really essential example of first-class photography. Quality photos will be helpful in presenting the works of jewelers in such a way that it is possible to view them on the Internet.

Good photography does more than show off the product; it tells the brand story, the artisanship, and the individuality of the piece. With Ryan, you will learn how to use photography in branding and distinguishing your product in today’s busy digital market. Enhancing Social Media Engagement Through Visual Excellence.

Social media is the new marketplace, and in the case of visuals, it is king. High-definition, quality photos on such platforms can make the world of difference for any jeweller in achieving good reach and engagement levels from the audience. Equip the participants with the right skills during this workshop to help them be able to produce content that looks awesome and grabs attention but at the same time encourages shares, likes, and even followers.

Ryan’s expertise helps the jeweler turn the social feed into a gallery of mesmerizing beauty, coaxing the viewer to look closer.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your visual content and make your mark in the competitive jewellery industry.