Swarovski Created Diamonds Are Colours and Cuts Brilliant Beyond Nature.


Swarovski celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, and as the company continues to explore new man-made materials and technologies, Swarovski Created Diamonds are a perfect way to mark this milestone. The company continues to live by the values of its founder, Daniel Swarovski and is committed to delivering a customer experience equal to the brilliance of its stones. The Swarovski Created Diamond program offers the innovative spirit and unsurpassed quality that customers have come to trust from Swarovski—a trust Swarovski takes seriously, recognizing its universal importance as we navigate today’s fast-moving society.

Swarovski Created Diamonds Retail Program
Swarovski also believes it is crucial to collaborate with and invest in the success of its partners. The new Swarovski Created Diamond retail program now allows Swarovski’s customers to experience a reassuring combination of one of the top brands with all the advantages of the fastest-growing category in the industry. This program includes flexible assortment options, such as lab-grown diamonds in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, complemented with visual merchandising tools, training, and marketing support, all tailored to fit the customer’s needs.



Pioneering Technology
Forged in a laboratory under intense heat and pressure in a process that duplicates the miracle of nature, a Swarovski Created Diamond is identical to a mined diamond in every way except its origin. Swarovski Created Diamonds are hand-selected and graded in the same manner as mined diamonds, per the Four Cs (clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight). Swarovski Created Diamonds are precision cut to perfection by expert master cutters, meeting the highest Swarovski standards. They are available in six fancy diamond cuts and 16 brilliant colours, all inspired by nature.

Identification Through Laser Engraving
Every Swarovski Created Diamond larger than 0.1 ct. is laser-engraved with an inscription visible only under strong (20x) magnification. Swarovski Created Diamonds are produced according to the utmost environmental, safety, and labour standards, giving consumers a conscious choice when purchasing.

For further information, please contact: swarovskicreateddiamonds@swarovski.com