WatchBox Unveils Immersive Concept for New York Collector’s Lounge




WatchBox Unveils Immersive Concept for New York Collector’s Lounge; Presents Roadmap for Expansion into London and Shanghai
The leader in collectible luxury timepieces revealed renderings for its New York Collector’s Lounge and presented the roadmap for its next phase of expansion. As WatchBox enters its fifth year, it continues to grow its international footprint, opening in Zurich and Riyadh in Q1 2022, and announcing its forthcoming presence in London and Shanghai within the next six months.
“WatchBox’s expansion strategy targets regions with a strong growth forecast for the luxury watch segment,” said Justin Reis, Global CEO and co-founder of WatchBox. “We’re excited to expand our physical footprint in the United Kingdom and China, two of the top five global watch markets, where we will introduce our curated inventory and client advisory model. Both London and Shanghai have strong local watch cultures, and as leading destinations for international business, we aspire to be the home away from home for watch collectors around the world.”

Since its 2017 founding, WatchBox has developed a presence in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and the Middle East, where a joint venture with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons has established the company in Dubai and Riyadh. The next phase of growth will bring the Collector’s Lounge concept to key U.S. markets.

Conceptualized with acclaimed design firm Studio Mellone, WatchBox is cultivating a distinctive experience through Andre Mellone’s vision. The Brazilian designer has earned a reputation for creating spaces that are contemporary, chic, and inviting; and noted projects include designs for Thom Browne, Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu, and 25 Park Row’s spa-like amenities floor. Mellone’s concept for WatchBox will come to life in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Boca Raton. The New York Collector’s Lounge will be a flagship for the company, scheduled to open in Q3 2022.

“Old concepts of retail, residential, and hospitality are all merging into one. Stores look like homes; homes look like hotels…it’s all about warmth and excitement and appreciation for design,” shared Andre Mellone. “Spaces should be impactful and exciting, but feel comfortable, and have a staying power.” On his inspiration for the WatchBox spaces, Mellone added, “I’ve always been a fan of the design aspects of early James Bond films. There’s a cool, un-self-conscious, playful sexiness to them that I felt would perfectly match the concept for WatchBox.”

Mellone’s signature style will encompass a 5,000 square foot space on the fourth floor of the landmark Fuller Building at 57th Street and Madison Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan. The lounge will merge event space with private showrooms, a boardroom, video and digital media studios, and a hands-on “watch lab,” where visitors can examine, learn and work with WatchBox’s dedicated advisory team as they explore the company’s curated watch collections. A vibrant agenda of events and programming will accompany the opening later this year.

“As we amplify the WatchBox experience globally, a community-driven philosophy guides the way,” Reis shared. “Our clients and client advisors are drawn together by a common passion for collecting and fascination with horology. With Andre’s influence, we sought to design immersive environments, combining retail with entertainment, personalized service, and social connection; and of course, watches will be a centrepiece of this experience.”