Why Are My Emails Landing in Spam?


As a jewellery retailer, understanding email deliverability is crucial for your marketing efforts. Let’s explore why your emails might be getting flagged as spam and how you can fix this issue.

Sending from a Public Domain
Using a free domain like gmail.com or yahoo.com for your business emails? This is a common reason for emails ending up in spam. To maintain a professional image and improve deliverability, use a domain that you own and that aligns with your brand.

DMARC Policies
If your sending domain has a DMARC policy but isn’t verified with your SMTP provider, your emails are likely to be marked as spam. Consult your SMTP provider to ensure your messages comply with DMARC and reach your audience effectively.

List Health & Collection Practices
Even with the technical aspects in check, the health of your email list and how you collect addresses are vital. Ensure that:

• Everyone on your list has explicitly consented to receive your marketing emails.
• Inactive subscribers are regularly removed from your list.
• Your sign-up forms use a double opt-in process for added security.
• For a deeper understanding of email deliverability, don’t miss our comprehensive guide, “Introduction To Email Deliverability.”

Sending Internal Mail
Sending emails within your own domain, like from info@exampledomain.com to susan@exampledomain.com? These can often be mistaken for spam. This happens because your email system recognizes the sender as itself but knows it didn’t originate the message, leading it to suspect spoofing.

For internal testing of emails, consider using a free email service like Gmail. If you need to send internal emails regularly, have your domain’s email manager whitelist your SMTP provider’s IP address.

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