Why Us?




Unparalleled Customer Service:

Our inside sales & refining support team are available for any questions.Our outside sales team travels all over the world to meet with our customers. We’re just a call away.

Superior Technical Expertise:

Our team of metallurgists is on hand to help troubleshoot your production issues via our tech support hotline.


We set the standard for jewellery products. Our products can be found in the largest jewellery manufacturing facilities around the world. 

• Jewellery Alloys
• Karated Grain
• Cadmium-Free Solders
• Sheet & Plate
• Wire & Sizing Stock
• Bullion

Accurate Refining Results:

Our sophisticated in-house analytical laboratories are trusted by the largest manufacturers in the world. Our labs provide quality checks for products including karat verification, plating thickness tests & more. That same lab tests & verifies each refining lot that comes through our facility.