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All models are wearing The Phuong My floral collection,  called Saudade and  pret-a-couture collection, made especially for Dubai (middle east region). All the pieces were heavily beaded and embroidered by 80 artisans for more than 500 hours.

Phuong My’s creative talents are expressed both through her work as the Chief Designer for the PHUONG MY brand and also production and styling projects for key fashion magazines such as ELLE, HARPER’s BAZAAR, and VOGUE.

1. Autore Rose Earrings: 18k Rose Gold with White Diamonds and 11mm White South Sea Pearls.

2. Autore Hercules Knot Pendant: 18k Rose Gold with White Diamonds and an 11 & 13mm White South Sea Pearl.

3. Autore Rose Ring: 18k Rose Gold with White Diamonds and a 12mm White South Sea Pearl.


South Sea pearls are one of nature’s greatest gifts. Born in the intense blue waters of the South Seas, their entrancing luminosity reflects the light of the sun, the glow of the moon and the beauty of the waters that nurture them into being.

Founded in 1991, The Autore Group is one of the largest South Sea pearl companies in the world. Autore provides quality-assured luxury jewellery and South Sea pearls right from the source.


1. Autore Orange Blossom Necklet: 18k Yellow Gold with White, Yellow, Green & Brown Diamonds with South Sea Keshi Pearls, 14mm White South Sea Pearl and 12-13mm Gold South Sea Pearls.

2. Autore Orange Blossom Earrings: 18k White & Yellow Gold with White & Yellow Diamonds and 12mm White South Sea Pearls.

3. Autore Orange Blossom Boutique Ring: 18k White & Yellow Gold with White & Yellow Diamonds and a 13mm White South Sea Pearl.

4. Autore Orange Blossom Cuff: 18k Yellow Gold with White & Yellow Diamonds, South Sea Keshi Pearls, and a 12mm Gold South Sea Pearl.


1. Sanctum – Longest guava doublet rose gold over sterling silver diamond statement earrings.

2. Sanctum – Two white sapphire rose gold over sterling silver stationed necklaces

3. Sanctum  Fluid blush rose gold over sterling silver middle finger wrap ring.

Claire Vessot, Vessot design.

Designing jewelry from her studio in Montreal, Claire’s specialty is themed design, and as it goes, she has worked behind the scenes on many brands in the marketplace today.

While earning a whopping 20 Industry Design Awards, Vessot is best known for her more visible work as former Lead and Senior Designer of ELLE Jewelry since it’s inception. Accreditation highlights include Canadian Jeweller, JCK, AGTA, and DeBeers, but her message remains the same, and that is to stay close to beauty in all its forms.


1. The International – 14K white gold diamond bar blue topaz drop earrings.

2. Sparks – Tripled white sapphire sterling silver stationed necklaces.

3. Zingaro  Amethyst and blue topaz sterling silver bracelet.

4. The International – Elongated amethyst and diamond 14K white gold ring.


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