Don’t fret the smallz things


Father-son duo creates a faster way to get what you need,

Being a jeweller, it’s extremely important to have access to quick and easy service when it comes to acquiring diamonds.

Smallz is a one-of-a-kind revolutionary app for ordering loose, small diamonds or diamond melee directly from your smartphone. The app allows users to browse prices in a variety of qualities and to select specific millimetre sizes or carat weights. You can order large amounts for ongoing use or just a couple of stones for a specific piece. You have complete flexibility.

Smallz has been launched by father and son duo, Mark and Adam of Lomar International. Mark has been in the wholesale diamond and jewelry business for almost 40 years. Adam joined five years ago and brings with him a GIA graduate degree in diamonds.

The pair has an extensive network of supply across the world and they’ve been brainstorming some new innovative ideas for the jewelry industry in Canada. Knowing they had access to great quality diamond melee at amazing prices, they wanted to figure out how to elevate something so small and so simple, since it’s always a requirement across the industry. That’s when the idea hit them that they should take advantage of the ‘at-your-fingertips connectivity’ that smartphones provide – on-demand, higher convenience and making your life easier.

From there the goal was to develop an app that offered customers the best pricing, and more importantly, was extremely simple and easy to use. “We wanted a solution where the customer can order the exact quality, size, and quantity they want, from their phone in less than one minute,” says Adam. And it looks like the goal has been achieved. Once ordered, the stones are delivered to your store the next business day, anywhere in Canada. “These guys have got it figured out. It’s easy and the stones have been consistent throughout my orders,” says Saro, a customer from Van Der Jewelers.

The key to it all is consistent quality of merchandise. Everything is checked and gauged in Toronto, Ont. before being sent out. With the goal of keeping everything simple and easy, the app has been launched with two qualities, and inventory in every size from 0.9mm up to 20 points.

The duo believes that anyone who tries it will love the service. It’s quick and extremely convenient so that jewellers can focus their time on their clients and pieces, and not worry about “the smallz”.

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