Are you offering your clients equal opportunities?


In addition to following the latest trends, a good wedding band manufacturer has to find creative ways to constantly renew its offerings. “And only by listening carefully to his clientele’s needs will one be able to stay in business,” says Viken Bakkalian, owner of Bijouterie Viko Inc., Montreal’s fastest growing wedding band manufacturer.

With that in mind, Bijouterie Viko recently started implementing an “equal opportunity” policy which means that every product listed in their catalogue can be made at a fraction of the price in a Super Light version. When it comes to the wedding band industry, there usually are different kinds of products to accommodate two very distinctive budgets. But what if someone with limited means desires a particularly expensive ring design? Or what if someone else falls in love with a less expensive designk but is equipped to pay a fairer price for better quality? The same problem usually occurs with solitaires, and that’s why Bakkalian will soon launch a collection that can be made with either zircons or diamonds.

“It’s never good business to say “no” to a customer,” adds Bakkalian. “If my clients are happy, and their customers are happy, I feel like I made a real difference!”

Keep this method in mind for your future sales practices. With a willingness to go above and beyond for each and every one of your clients, you’re sure to find success.