Trends 2020: Edith & George of Ready Mounts

Edith and George of Ready Mounts Weigh in on Trends for This Coming Year




These days you are seeing pieces from one extreme to the other. Either very detailed high-end or organic free form that doesn’t have that polished look. But it seems that’s what the young public wants. Organic food, organic jewellery. They also want non-conflict.

Recycled Materials
We find that more and more young people are asking for recycled metals and materials and certified Canadian gold.

As companies are marketing everything natural and organic and it’s reached our industry as well.  It’s a big part of decision making these days and we’re going to see more and more of that in this coming year.

Organic jewellery is not always predictable. There’s not as much regularity to the pieces. Free-form, off-set and not symmetrical.

New jewellery combines different shapes as well as the use of semi-precious stones. These are all new new to the market and doing very well.   

Before, most people were requesting diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, now you’re getting Morganites and you’re going to see a lot of young designers substituting diamonds for white Saphire.

Also designers are using lot of old cuts and rose Cuts. They’re using slice diamonds. It’s also part of a more natural and organic look.

Another big thing now is salt and pepper diamonds. They’re recycling diamonds that you could never sell before because of the flaws in them considered as low quality diamonds. Somebody was a genius and named it “salt and pepper.”

You’re seeing things that you never thought were going to be used.

People are ready for something unique.

New Is In

Lab grown diamonds are a big trend. When we went to the Vegas Show a few years ago there was one exhibitor selling lab-grown and it was a dead booth. Nobody even looked at it. We went again last year and there was a whole pavilion and it was busy. So that has really changed. People are more open to substitutes now.

Plus people are substituting now even for engagement rings, with semi precious stones instead of a diamond centre. People will do Morganite, which is that peachy colour. All kinds of different cuts of it.

Everybody is sick of the “Here’s your stone, halo, the lady Diana around it.” The predictable jewellery that everybody has.

Changing Face of Gold:
At one period it was a lot of white gold. In the last year or two yellow’s are coming back. Even for engagement rings.

All rose gold is big. We also do green gold. We’ve been seeing new stones, new colours of gold and a lot of other metals such as Palladium and Palladian mixes. Also rainbow mixes where, like a rainbow band where you will see a mix of about 5 different colours of Saphires in one band.

We think the rainbow bands will be big in 2020. We also think coloured stones will be bigger and alternative designs will continue. For years we’ve seen diamonds, diamonds, diamonds now we’re seeing more and more creativity.

Young designers are willing to try new things, they’re not going to follow what was. There are so many things available today. Whatever your imagination, the sky’s the limit.

As for finishes, everything doesn’t have to be shiny anymore. Designers are incorporating textures and different patinas into pieces. They are not scared to experiment They are not thinking, “are they going to like that, do you think it will sell? Designers are setting the trends.

A lot of clients are not going for your standard cut diamonds anymore.


Layering is big this year and will continue into next. The trend is delicate, dainty and personalized. Personalized pieces are a very big seller. Engravable is popular. Anything personal is very big again and we get a lot of request for that.

We’re seeing a more interesting Trend in jewellery. There’s more variety. It’s more exciting and we don’t think it’s going out of style.

There’s still tons of the regular run of the mill stuff that everybody Markets. Your Tiffany Six claw setting done by the millions all over the world.

But the new direction is more imaginative and that’s kind of exciting.

About: Entrepreneurs since as far back as the 19030’s, Edith and George Myslicki, the owners and operators of Ready Mounts Inc. are no strangers to producing high quality custom jewellery.

Nearly 90 years ago, Edith’s grandparents and her great uncle were already custom jewellers in Europe travelling to the Capitakof Europe introducing a new and exciting concept in custom jewellery to a captive retail market who were excited to reveal their new-found concepts in jewellery. Her great uncle was also already a custom jeweller for the European market which proved to be the beginnings of a life long family business still in existence today in Canada.

After the war, Edith’s uncle established a jewellery manufacturing company which was eventually taken over by Communists during the Hungarian Revolution. After that; Edith’s parents came to Canada and her father started his independent business.

Edith grew up around the jewellery industry and over the years she learned about production of fine jewellery. Her father, her teacher, did it all! From casting to grinding to polishing to completion, he was “the jeweller” in Toronto – the man to whom many new and established jewellers would come to learn about their trade in order to refine and hone their skills.  Back then, there were no courses offered, you learned your skill as an apprentice.

While Edith’s father was growing the business, Edith attended Ryerson University where she studied Design. While at Ryerson, Edith met her future husband George, who was studying Engineering. The two married and the rest is history.

After her studies Edith joined the family jewellery business and George, who was working as an engineer with the government but showed great interest and talent in the jewellery business, joined soon after. The business, which eventually spun off and morphed into what is today another successful venture known as Ready Mounts Inc. opened its doors in 1985.

From humble beginnings as a casting house, with limited funding and two employees (Edith and George!) they grew the business step by step – casting, then mounts and then to what it is today, A complete one-stop shopping experience, taking design from concept to a finished, beautiful, top of the line product, ready to sell.

Edith and George work at Ready Mounts daily to ensure quality and to keep the commitment of perfection to their customers.